ADA, WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 Compliance

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How does it work?

Years of research and development finally led to the first and only automated solution that turns websites completely accessible in compliance with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines.


The process of becoming compliant using accessiBe is very simple

  •   Install our single line of JS code

  •   Your website instantly displays our accessibility interface

  •   Our AI starts scanning and analyzing your website

  •   In 48 hours, our AI is finished and your website is compliant

  •   Our AI re-scans for new and revised content to process every 24 hours

ADA Interface is now running!

The accessibility interface is up and running once you see the ADA icon display on your website. One click and you have access to an assortment of controls to meet your visitors accessibility needs.
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Contextual Understanding Technology

Our AI scans websites and understands their element structures, button functionalities, and object hierarchies, thus determining their level of significance based on the context in order to make the site accessible.

Machine Learning Technology

accessiBe processes each website it's installed on and learns from it in order to improve continuously. The more sites it is installed on, the more accurate it becomes.

Image Recognition Technology

AccessiBe automatically scans all the images and background images process them using an AI image recognition technology and provide them with alternative texts (ALT tags).

Giant Tech Collaborations

We collaborate with the biggest and brightest companies in the world, such as Google and Clarifai, to ensure that our systems are always at the pinnacle of today's technology.


Is your business safe from legal action?

With the spike in compliance lawsuits in recent years, companies can no longer ignore the accessibility issue.  As commerce shifts toward the digital realm business' have become vulnerable to new types of legal actions because of the lack of web accessibility.


Web Accessibility Lawsuits

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ADA and Section 508

US legal requirements for web accessibility

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Web Contect Accessibility Guidelines

(WCAG) 2.0

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